Featured LED Retrofit Kit – ZIPPY-084

ZIPPY-084 LED Lighting Retrofit Kit

Zippy-084 is part of Noribachi’s Zippy Kits! line of easy install LED retrofits, providing a cost effective, quick shipping option to upgrade existing light fixtures. Zippy-084 has a high lumen output, generating 17,723 lumens at 126W.  This retrofit kit is a one for one replacement for HID, MH or HPS bulbs and commonly replaces 400-500W. It also meets UL 1598 requirements and is rebatable out of the box. This LED retrofit kit fits into a variety of fixtures with an internal dimension range 11.25” to 33”. All kits come with a universal mounting kit for easy installation.  Up to 10-year warranties are available for all Zippy Kits!

ZIPPY-084 LED Lighting Retrofit Kit Illuminated with Dimming Option

ZIPPY-084 Illuminated with Dimming Option.

Zippy-084 Spec Sheet Icon

Review the Zippy-084 Spec Sheet.

Zippy Kits! LED Retrofit Installs


Zippy-084 Installation.


Zippy-084 Installation.

Zippy-021 LED Retrofit Kit Installed

Zippy-021 Installation.

Zippy-063 LED Retrofit Kit Fixture Install

Zippy-063 Installation.



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