Featured LED Light Fixture – FLOODLIGHT.XXL

Floodlight.XXL LED Lighting Fixture Feature

Floodlight.XXL is one of our largest and most high-powered LED lighting solutions. It is perfect for intense light output in large spaces such as stadiums, driving ranges and other outdoor sports facilities. This fixture delivers up to an impressive 79,755 lumen output with our HEX-378 light engine, providing a versatile solution for your sportslighting needs. The Floodlight.XXL also offers optional upgrades such as our Pulse wireless controller, dimming functionality, high voltage and surge protectors.

Floodlight.XXL Illuminated Sportslight

Floodlight.XXL Illuminated.

Floodlight.XXL Spec Sheet Icon

Review the Floodlight.XXL Spec Sheet.

Floodlight.XXL Installation Photos

FLXXL Installation Sportslighter 1

FLXXL Installation Sportslighter 2

FLXXL Installation Sportslighter 1 [/column] <div class="shortcode1"></div> FLXXL Installation Sportslighter 3



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