Featured LED Light Fixture – HIGHBAY.A

Featured LED Light Fixture Highbay.A

The Highbay.A is part of Noribachi’s versatile line of highbay lighting offerings, featuring our BEST LED lighting technology. This cost-effective and efficient fixture can fit up to our HEX-084 light engine and is perfectly suited for a variety of optional add-ons such as occupancy sensors, emergency battery backups, dimming options and more. Highbay.A is also lightweight and easy to install, making it an exceptional lighting solution that is easily customizable for any indoor application.

Highbay.A Illuminated

Highbay.A Illuminated.

Highbay.A Spec Sheet Icon

Review the Highbay.A Spec Sheet.

Highbay.A Installations

Highbay.A Installation

Highbay.A Installation.

Highbay.A Installation Warm White Color Temp

Highbay.A Installation.



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