Featured LED Light Fixture – Highbay.N

Highbay.N Featured Fixture

Highbay.N is one of our fully customizable proprietary indoor light fixtures. The aluminum layered design can be customized to include a variety shapes and sizes, brackets, lenses, mounting options and so much more. This modern-looking fixture is also available in a multitude of light engine configurations including RGBW, cool white, neutral white and warm white. These configurations can be applied to the fixture’s uplight and downlight for a uniquely tailored lighting solution.

Highbay.N RGBW Uplight
RGBW uplight
Highbay.N Illuminated
Cool White downlight
Highbay.N Illuminated
Side view
Highbay.N Illuminated
Uplight with clear lens


Highbay.N Round Configuration  
Round Configuration

Have questions about Highbay.N? Contact us at sales@noribachi.com.

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