Featured LED Light Fixture – LINEAR.OO

Linear.OO LED Recessed Lighting

The Linear.OO, one of our newly featured linear LED light fixtures, is an elegant recessed mounted solution that can add ambiance to any room with its cool, neutral or warm white and RGB color options. This energy efficient fixture delivers 1,266 lumens per foot and is available in 2′, 4′ or 6′ or Custom lengths.  All our linear LED products also are available with occupancy sensors, dimming functionality and our pulse wireless controller option.

Linear.OO Illuminated LED Recessed Lighting

Linear.OO Illuminated.

Linear.OO Spec Sheet Icon

Review the Linear.OO Spec Sheet.

Linear Recessed Fixture Installation

Linear Fixture Installation.


Have questions about Linear.OO? Contact us at sales@noribachi.com.

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