Featured LED Light Fixture – NHS.08

Hazardous Location Lighting NHS.08

The NHS.08 is a large, heavy duty LED light fixture that is engineered to withstand the most extreme conditions. With its versatile range of illumination options, from 4,431 to 53,170 lumens, and your choice of dimming, battery back up, color and strain relief or conduit connection options, the NHS.08 is easily tailored to match your facility’s hazardous area lighting needs. There are no moving parts in the NHS.08 light engine design, making it highly reliable and low maintenance. This product is Class I, Division 2 Groups A, B, C, D ; Class II, Division 2 Groups F & G. ; UL Standard 844 certified.

Hazardous Location Lighting NHS.08 Illuminated

NHS.08 Illuminated.



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