Featured LED Light Fixture – VAPORPROOF.JM

Featured LED Light Fixture Vaporproof.JM

Vaporproof.JM is a gasketed, vaporproof LED lighting fixture suitable for a variety of commercial and industrial locations. This fixture features a quality, durable glass globe lens with a built-in protective die-cast aluminum guard. With an IP65 rating and marine grade option, the Vaporproof.JM can be used in parking garages, stairwells, beach areas and architectural loft applications. This versatile fixture features many optional upgrades including emergency battery backup, surge protector and high voltage.

Looking for a hazardous lighting vaporproof option? Check out our NHS.04 LED lighting fixture.

Vaporproof.JM Illuminated LED Light Fixture

Vaporproof.JM Illuminated.



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