Featured LED Retrofit Kit Zippy-042

Zippy-042 LED Retrofit Kit Zippy Kits! Product Family

Noribachi’s Zippy Kits! are easily installed retrofit kits that feature our BEST LED technology. Our Zippy-042 retrofit kit fits up to 24” interior length and width and is a common replacement for 200W metal halides or 250W high pressure sodium lamps. Available to ship in 72hrs, the  Zippy-042 generates 8,862 lumens at 63W, making it a great choice for many LED lighting solutions. Up to 10-year warranties are available for all Zippy Kits!

Zippy-042 Illuminated

ZIPPY-042 Illuminated.

Zippy-042 Spec Sheet Icon

Review the Zippy-042 Spec Sheet.


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